Between tradition

& transmission

Noémie Keren’s practice continues to draw on the past to reinvent itself. Her studies at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts deeply committed her to an artistic approach based on movement. Performance has always been a powerful medium in her practice. It is by starting from this notion of gesture, embodied, that calligraphy has become a privileged way to pursue artistic explorations.

A few images to introduce you to the world of Noémie Keren :

Behind the academic calligrapher, with notes tinged with classicism, hides a slightly offbeat calligrapher. Noémie Keren navigates between contemporary art & crafts, sometimes swapping the pen for a broom, she performs XXL calligraphy performances in order to draw « enchantments » on the roads & paths of France. She was invited on October the 1st to perform a performance of this type at the Salon du Livre d’Orthez.

She also creates textile works, creating magic formulas where the letter emancipates from the pen to manifest itself through embroidery and painting. Taking the form of speech bubbles, these speech banners, medieval ancestors of our comic book speech bubbles, give rise to contemporary installations. To discover this part of her practice, you can consult the dedicated site: