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Calligraphy animation Noemie Keren feat Sezane



Offering a sur-mesure experience is a great way to show the attention you pay to your customers. A calligraphy animation is always the kind of event that we remember. Noémie Keren intervenes in your store to personalize your cards, your packaging, but also your products. Wine estates, perfumery, jewelry, sewing, the calligrapher works in different sectors & imagines a calligraphy in the colors of your house.
Pen calligraphy but also engraving on glass, the art of beautiful letters stands out as French excellence.
From Maison Rémy Martin to Dior, the calligrapher knows how to adapt her savoir-faire to enhance each brand event.

engraved calligraphy event
Engraving calligraphy event with Graphiplus for Dior in Bordeaux.



What if you imagined an outdoor event? France offers exceptional heritage settings. Noémie Keren performs calligraphy demonstrations in French estates in order to convey this elegance of so-French writing. Events for the seventh art, exceptional evenings in wine estates, or even evenings aimed at promoting heritage, Noémie Keren knows how to adapt her savoir-faire in order to accompany your guests for an exceptional evening

Event calligraphy Bridgerton's Chronicles Netflix, Bordeaux
Event calligraphy Animation



Noémie Keren also intervenes at private receptions. There are, at every moment of our lives, occasions and relationships to celebrate. The calligrapher will be able to accompany you in order to imagine the exceptional calligraphy animation that will mark the spirits. Whatever the calligraphic desire that drives you, Noémie Keren will take the time to imagine with you an experience whose key word could be stated by this one: « elegance ».

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Bespoke stationery calligraphy



For your event, French calligrapher Noémie Keren provides also sur-mesure stationery. invitations, envelope addresses & place cards with matching menus add the touch of elegance that your event deserves. For a reception that reflects French excellence, discover the sur-mesure calligraphy services.