The Art

of Beautiful Letters

Calligrapher: the one who by taste or by profession applies to form beautiful characters of writing.

Centre National de Ressources Textuelles et Lexicales

French calligraphy noémie keren

inherited from a


Noemie Keren is a French Calligrapher working next to Saint-Emilion, South of France. She trained in calligraphy by exploring the traditional tools of master penmen of past centuries. Quills & metallic nibs are her instruments of predilection. It is through the use of nibs that she manages to create upstrokes, characteristic elements of beautiful letters.

A DANCE that leaves


Calligraphy, like a dance, requires the mastery of gestures to, little by little,
be able to improvise long choreographies. This ballet has the particularity of leaving the imprint of this dance on the paper. This is where all the magic & poetry of calligraphy lies: leaving a trace of a long repeated & perfectly rhythmic gesture.