Your wedding in France starts with the bespoke french invitations! Once the reception venue is booked, all you have to do is let your guests know the date of your wedding to ensure that everyone is there by your side on this special day.

French wedding invitations

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Noémie keren French calligrapher

Pointed pen calligraphy for sur-mesure invitations

Calligrapher Noémie Keren creates your invitations entirely with a pointed pen. These entirely sur-mesure invitations reflect the image of France: French art of living, authenticity of Bordeaux, excellence of know-how.

Designing your french wedding invitations in Bordeaux

Based in the heart of the Bordeaux vineyards, Noémie Keren creates the stationery for the most prestigious weddings in the Bordeaux region (Château Soutard, Château le Mas de Montet, etc.), but also abroad.

french wedding invitations calligraphy

Noémie Keren offers you different writing styles. In its catalog, travel through the history of our heritage, & discover the refinement of handwritten letters. The calligrapher has chosen the most authentic and elegant styles for you to give your wedding the nobility it deserves.

After the choice of writing style, comes the choice of paper & ink. These have been carefully selected by the calligrapher: produced exclusively by French houses, the papers & inks offered by the calligrapher are the guarantee of high-end stationery, which will stand the test of time.

Finally comes the choice of embellishments: ribbon, monogram with your intertwined initials, wax seal; Noémie Keren accompanies you to offer your invitations the desired elegance down to the smallest detail.

Details make perfection,
and perfection is not a detail.

Leonardo da Vinci
french invitations marriage bordeaux noémie keren

Why choose calligraphic invitations?

If you are aware that digital invitations will disappear immediately after the first email that your guests will receive;

If you want your wedding to be brought to life in the real world & your invitations to be preserved like a precious treasure;

If you have a taste for authenticity, heritage and French excellence;

If your wedding must reflect prestige & honor your guests as much as your love;

Then you can contact Noémie Keren because no other service than that of a calligrapher will be able to meet your expectations.

Who other than a French calligrapher to make your wedding invitations?

Deadlines: the future bride and groom contact the calligrapher at least one year before the wedding date. Invitations should generally be sent at least 6 months before the wedding date for guests living in the same state as the reception venue, earlier when the wedding requires air travel.

Budget: for example, an invitation of around 25 words entirely calligraphed in pen has a value of €25. The price may be higher when adding a monogram or ribbon. Envelopes addressed to the pen have a value of €5.50/piece.
The future bride and groom plan a budget of around €1,800 for 60 invitations (for a reception of 120 to 150 guests for example). For a more confidential wedding including a small number of guests (50 guests for example), the bride and groom invest €650. These prices are given as an indication for invitations written entirely in pen, without any embellishment, accompanied by their envelopes also addressed in pen. You must also plan for postage costs, the calligrapher will guide you to find the beautiful stamps to match your invitations.
It is also possible to ask the calligrapher for a digitized version of the invitation in order to reduce the cost of invitations or to only order addressed envelopes.

Do not hesitate to send an email directly to the calligrapher to obtain the catalog of wedding invitations or to call her to discuss things in person. Noémie Keren SPEAKS ENGLISH (even if she’s French).